Fly Fishing

Alaska Fly Fishing for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead.

Fly fishing is a specialty at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Many of our anglers enjoy using double hand Spey rods for salmon and steelhead, while others prefer the traditional single hand fly rods. Whatever your pleasure, our remote wilderness rivers lend themselves well to a wading, casting and swinging flies for salmon, rainbow, char or steelhead. The Alaska Peninsula has many such fly fishing rivers. We are able to fly right to great fishing or sometimes use Jet boats for transportation along these streams.  Regardless,  wade fishing on firm black volcanic sand river bottoms is typical here on theAlaska Peninsula. Available species are King, Sockeye, Chum, Pink and Silver salmon, plus Rainbow, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden and wild Steelhead. Floating fly lines with sink tips are favored on most rivers, but anglers wanting to try dry flies for Rainbow and Char or top water poppers (wogs) for Silver Salmon will need a floating line. We use 6 weight rods for trout and char, 8 weight rods for most salmon and either a 9 weight or 10 weight is preferred for King Salmon fishing.


As summer arrives, so do the mighty King salmon.

Releasing another big King with Wildman Lake Lodge

These 30 to 55 pound lunkers will even put a major bend in the longest Spey rod. We fish a number of excellent fly fishing rivers for King salmon during June and July. The Sockeye salmon run is also in full swing in our home river system, headed for Wildman Lake. All summer long, salmon choke the rivers while trout and char gorge themselves on salmon roe and nearly double their weight by fall time. Chum and Pink salmon, caught just a bend or two upriver from the saltwater, are a great fly rod experience from mid-July to mid-August. You can experience the absolute best Silver salmon fishing in Alaska beginning in mid-August and continuing into right into October. Silver salmon weighing from 12 to 22 pounds can be taken on either wet or top-water flies at Wildman Lake Lodge. See the best top water Coho fishing ever on our video “Our Clients Say it Best,” which was filmed here at Wildman Lake Lodge. A weeklong fishing package at Wildman Lake Lodge includes three fully guided fly out fishing days targeting the in season salmon species on neighboring rivers, plus three more fishing days via jet boat with our experienced guides for salmon, trout and char. Your arrival day also includes a full afternoon of local fishing, which is not the case at many Alaska lodges.


Alaska's Only Artesian Sport Fishing River.


Ocean River, Alaska

Ocean River, runs crystal clear 365 days of the year, teeming with wild native Rainbow Trout, spring and fall Steelhead, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char and more salmon than you can shake your fly rod at. The photo below illustrates just how clear our home river is, EVERY DAY of the year.

The Aquarium on Wildman’s gin clear home river.

Salmon, trout and char fishing is available anytime, right behind the lodge. At Wildman Lake Lodge, it is very unusual to encounter any anglers that you didn’t see at the breakfast table. Wildman Lake Lodge is located right on one of the very finest sport fishing rivers in Alaska. Ocean River flows crystal clear and maintains the same water level year-round, so every day is a fishing day, no matter what the weather is doing.


Wild Steelhead are found in a number of Alaska Peninsula rivers during early spring and late fall, providing a world-class fly fishing experience for the serious and adventurous angler. Quite often, these rivers can get high and muddy from spring run off or fall rains. Twenty years on the Peninsula has taught us that targeting soley Steelhead on a single river can often lead to disappointment. However, because of its clear-water artesian source, the home river at Wildman Lake Lodge is guaranteed to be clear everyday, regardless of the early and late season weather. In the spring and fall, we often have a execellent fishing on a number of local rivers for wild Steelhead as well as abundant Arctic char & Dolly Varden plus native Rainbow and Steelhead on our home river, all excellent fly fishing species.     Contact us for Availability.


"Our Clients Say it Best."


Fly Fishing Instruction

Our sport fishing guides are all experienced fly fishermen and are happy
to provide casting tips and fly fishing instruction during your fishing trip.

We have instructional videos at the lodge and plenty of casting area (shallow water and firm wading) just outside the lodge's back door. Evening casting clinics can be arranged anytime. It is always best to learn to fly fish while you are catching fish at Wildman Lake Lodge. We have an excellent assortment of flies in the gift shop and also a fully stocked fly tying table right at the lodge. We also send you a list of our most productive fly patterns when you book your trip. Wildman strongly advocates catch and release of our native trout species; however, we will happily fillet, vacuum pack and freeze salmon, one airline approved box of frozen fillets for each guest.


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